Turning Daily Hassles Into Blessings

A week has passed since my small, quiet town experienced the horrible tragedy of a high-speed truck crashing into Walmart killing 3 people and injuring two more. Everyone awaits updates creating stories in their head about what caused the accident while the officials continue to say it appears to be a tragic accident.

Stories are beginning to surface of near misses or God interventions happening as a result of daily hassles changing plans. I had a friend share the following story with me.

Michelle had been at her mother’s house the weekend prior. She had forgotten to restock her diaper bag and found herself with no diapers for her infant son. Not wanting to make the half hour trek home to get diapers or pay inflated convenience store prices she opted for the only other option: find someone in town who had an infant about the same size. She contacted a girl and was able to get a few diapers to last until she returned home.

Michelle of course wanted to repay her kind friend with a package of the same diapers. She had planned to make a trip to Walmart and purchase them Thursday morning. Yes, the same Walmart and the same Thursday of the accident.

The day before her trip to Walmart, Michelle had taken her older son to get his immunizations. The shots caused him to be crabby and not sleep well the night before. Starting the day having pushed snooze a few extra times, the plan was still to make the trip to Walmart. As Michelle was trying to get out the door, her older son was dragging his feet resisting every step to get ready still grouchy from the immunizations. Michelle’s frustration continued to rise as she checked the clock one more time increasing her stress.

Michelle’s cell phone rang. It was her mother asking her if she was at Walmart. After recounting the morning’s events setting her behind, her mother told her of the tragedy at Walmart.

I wonder how our life would change if we thanked God for our daily hassles knowing these hassles are part of God’s plan. Instead of stressing we could look expectantly for what the daily hassles changed in our favor. Live out 1 Thessalonians 5:18, “in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

by Becky Watkins


One thought on “Turning Daily Hassles Into Blessings

  1. Becky,
    This is so spot on for me. I am deeply saddened by what happened but at the same time remember so many times when being delayed has saved me from some terrible and some more minor results. Thank you for your message.

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